Larimer County’s Response


Larimer County has had a multi-pronged response to this issue in recent years, at both the grassroots community level and the law enforcement levels. Learn more here about the groups helping our County make strides to reduce the occurrences of trafficking.

Community Response Team (CRT)

In April of 2013, the U COUNT Campaign, an anti-trafficking coalition organized by Fort Collins Timberline Church, partnered with the Fort Collins Police Service for a targeted sting operation. The operation focused on Asian Massage Businesses, and the U COUNT team helped serve as victim advocates in the wake of their identification.

Six weeks later, U COUNT joined the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in an operation aimed at recovering minors trafficked in the area via

As a result of both situations, hours of phone calls by the U COUNT team to our region’s service providers revealed an ill-equipped, under-trained Larimer community.

In November of 2013, in partnership with the Fort Collins Police Department’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET), the Larimer Anti-Trafficking Community Response Team (CRT) was officially launched. The CRT met quarterly until May, 2018.

In January of 2015, the facilitation of the CRT was moved under the management of an established, local non-profit aimed at preventing human trafficking, A Face to Reframe. U COUNT also remained a committed CRT partner and donor within this new structure.

The mission was to galvanize a unified community response to this issue, ensuring that those most likely to intersect with potential victims are trained to help. We worked within the “4P” protocol for response: Protection, Prevention, Prosecution, and Partnership in order to achieve our mission of eliminating the presence of sex trafficking in our County. In 2018, due to various niche working groups and a host of government, legislative and state changes, the CRT ceased to be a meaningful and effective meeting space for members.

The CRT is absorbing the Larimer County Against Human Trafficking as of January, 2019 and is now open to the public. Please email to be added to the list to receive information about meetings.

Committed Members of the CRT Included:

Law Enforcement agencies including: State Patrol, Homeland, LCSO, FCPD, LPD, DAs Office, DYC, Probation

Victim Advocates


Colorado Human Trafficking Council


Child Safe

Matthews House

Remington House

Turning Point

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY)

Alternatives to Violence

Crossroads Safe House

Alpha Center

PVH ER Psych Dept.

Harmony Urgent Care

Healthy Harbors

Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center

Department of Human Services: HUB Afterhours, Family Partnerships Unit

High Risk Intervention Team (HRIT)

The HRIT was formed in 2016 to address the growing population of youth in Larimer County exhibiting high-risk behaviors, but who are not yet victims of sex trafficking. A collaborative grant from the National Children’s Alliance allowed Larimer County to create a protocol for intervention with these kids at risk for commercial sexual exploitation.

Steering Committee:


Child Safe

University of Colorado Health

Healthy Harbors

Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Connections (CAYAC)

Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center (SAVA)

Larimer County District Attorney Special Victims Unit

Fort Collins Police Services: Crimes Against Persons

Northern Colorado Law Enforcement Human  Trafficking Working Group (HTWG)

Representatives from law enforcement agencies coming together in Northern Colorado to collaborate around human trafficking investigations, resources, and cases.

Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT)

The purpose of the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) is to develop child-centered, family-focused, community-based services for children in out of home placement or who are at risk of out of home placement.

The FAP Team focuses on providing a wrap-around service support system designed to utilize clinical treatment services, natural supports and community supports. The wrap-around support entities working in partnership with the FAPT include:


Larimer County Department of Human Services:

Larimer County Children, Youth, & Family Services:

Larimer County Adolescent Services :

Larimer County’s “The HUB”:

Larimer County District Court:

First Offender Restoration Initiative (FORI)

First Offender Restoration Initiative was created as a demand reduction strategy. In partnership with the District Attorney, Fort Collins Police Services, local agencies and Restoration Counseling, men charged with the solicitation of sex with an adult may qualify to have their sentence deferred to an 8-hour, one-day interactive seminar.

The aim is to teach about the connection between prostitution and human trafficking and reduce the occurrence of repeat offenders.

Larimer County Against Human Trafficking (LCAHT)

Larimer County Against Human Trafficking was birthed in 2015 out of the need for a public space where faith communities, service clubs, NGOs and Colorado State University’s (CSU) clubs and students could gather to collaborate.

The mission was to collaborate in education and awareness around human trafficking prevention in Larimer County. As of January, 2019, this group will be absorbed by the now public CRT. To stay connected, please email or follow the Facebook page @larimerantitrafficking.